Friday, 15 June 2012

Everything happened (part II): It Hurts

I have been waiting forever to be back in a band with Beth! She is a horse of a different colour. I always love her vocals, lyrics, drawing, and performance. I am thinking of when I was drumming behind her playing as Duckling Monster once in Bristol and the performance was so intense, so different to what I normally do (flustered, casual) that I felt transported into the future into this band It Hurts. I've stepped through the door into a place where all the broken instruments throw hectic temper tantrums instead of turning to face the corner and give me the silent treatment.

We met when I was a longhair, and had a band in Dunedin with her when I was 20 - Evidence X - the acetates of which are doing a slow-dissolve in exactly 30 record collections right now. That was only a few months on the first of the many times I fled Auckland. I love hAwKwind now (what this city is called for those in the know), but I will get to that blog in a few days. The point is, I came back here this time and we had a jam, got together some concepts, and decided to get a drummer for next practice...

Claire is a leopard and a tiger and a Leo. She is our drummer, but we are all drummers, and all singers, and all the Hurting Kind, and there really are no specific roles or hierarchies, just instrument co-ordination. I take care of bringing the bass and two amps and a drum machine to each practice, Claire brings the drums, Beth brings mirror keys and Kraus machines and we go from there.

We played one show already with Evil Twins and this great band of Melissa and Sam called Mouse Rat for the evening...that band is so great, they are like a film soundtrack (in a good fast songy way) and they need a name and to play all the time. Anyway, we were at the Wine Cellar and terrified of tripping over our setup so it was all a little Auck-ward, but someone did it they yelled out HURTS SO GOOD and we knew we were on the right track. Lucy Stewart gave us our name, so it was cool that Evil Twins played.

We play again in two days from this post, with Tim Coster and Saucertronix. I can't wait!

AWESOME posters thanks Beth!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I left Berlin and everything happened

Currer Bells played a show in a park in Melbourne late in summer (February). It was really nice. We had a picnic with our friends, and then played with keyboards, tapes, pedals, Tim's picnic-size amp, my irish tinwhistle, and harmonica for about 10 minutes. Even though we hadn't played together for 10 months we just had an afternoon coffee and pre-show recording. I was so sick, now I remember, because I had just been in Laos and maybe the dusty can of beer I drank on the long-distance bus reacted with the air-temparature vegan buffet I had just eaten huge helpings of, and anyway then I could only drink lemonade and eat pineapples for about 4 days, and on the 5th day I walked to the airport at dawn and flew to Melbourne. Anyway, lack of food makes one gentle, and meek. I felt calm and empty when I sat down with my characteristically sparse set up, a tape player and my tin whistle. And we recorded my favourite Currer Bells to date in the afternoon before the picnic. I am glad that we never disappoint me. It has been five years of Currer Bells, five years since we have lived in the same city as each other.